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Fluff & Fold Laundry Service Available During Coronavirus Crisis

Fluff & Fold Laundry Service Available During Coronavirus Crisis

March 25, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

We are all in this coronavirus situation together. We hope everyone is healthy, safe and secure.  Margaret¹s is making adjustments to our policies to best serve our valued customers during these troubling times. We know most of our customers generally have a home staff to assist with general laundry that is sometimes referred to as Fluff & Fold (F&F).

Why Fluff & Fold and How Much Does It Cost?
Margaret¹s does not typically offer Fluff & Fold service, however we have been informed by many of our customers that for the time being they are without or operating with a minimal home staff and asked if we could help with laundry.  Thus, we have made adjustments and are gladly offering a Fluff & Fold service temporarily. Because we have less labor, processing costs and packaging involved, Fluff & Fold is priced substantially less than Margaret’s typical pricing. Please just ask for a price list.

What items are included in Fluff & Fold?
Typical items for Fluff & Fold include your regular laundry items most often done at home including towels, under garments, bathrobes, bathmats, warmup suits and daily wear garments such as shorts, jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

What items aren’t appropriate for Fluff & Fold?Clothing you normally dry clean is not included in this service including designer clothing and items constructed of fine fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool, etc.

What processes are and aren’t done with Fluff & Fold?
Appropriate items will be steamed to minimize any wrinkles; however there will be no pressing. Imagine that your household staff has washed and dried items at home and then carefully folded the items to be put in your bureau drawers or closet shelving. Now the washing, drying and folding is temporarily done by Margaret’s laundry team and home delivered for you folded and ready to wear.

We have added additional virus safety protocols beyond typical Fluff & Fold service to assure effective treatment. 

  • For articles presumed to be unaffected, there is a 24 hour staging wait-time prior to beginning processing, providing a time for any possible virus to expire.
  • The drying temperature and times are closely monitored to be well within the effective range as recommended by the CDC.
  • Where appropriate, sanitizing agents are added to the chemistry.
  • In the case of bedding (the items of most concern) an additional step of dry cleaning is performed in addition to laundry to assure the highest degree of effective remediation.
  • Each customer’s items are processed individually. Only one customer¹s items are put in a machine at a time.
  • Customers who have members in their home with coronavirus must notify Margaret’s ahead of time. Additional safety protocols based on CDC information include a five-day quarantine prior to opening bags as well as a two-week turnaround.

Please let us know if you have any additional needs that we can assist with.  We will do our best to accommodate you.


Thank you for your loyalty and business and may you and your loved stay healthy.

The Staff and Owners at Margaret’s

Coronavirus Safety Protocol

Coronavirus Safety Protocol

Monday, March 23, 2020

With the spread of Coronavirus we are letting our customers know we are open and continue our delivery service. Our store hours are shortened but we will are running our routes on their regular schedules. For the safety of our customers, your families and staff, along with our staff and their families, we will be implementing a Virus Safety Protocol which will be detailed below.

We know these are trying times for everyone and we hope we can alleviate any concerns you might have with your garments and households. Our cleaning processes have been proven effective against viruses and we will be taking additional processing steps to even further assure the safety of your family, staff and your items.

With the California “Stay at Home Order” we realize some households will be without their housekeeping staff. To be of assistance we are temporarily implementing Fluff and Fold service for your non designer daily wear garments until things return to normal. If you are interested in the temporary “Fluff and Fold” service, ask your delivery driver for a price list or contact us at info@margarets.com.

Concerning the Virus Safety Protocol, below is an outline of the steps we are asking our staff and all customers to take to minimize any risk of exposure:

  • Return Margaret’s cloth bags for disinfecting. Margaret’s will temporarily discontinue the use of its cloth pickup bags. Please return all bags to your driver. We will disinfect and return them when it’s safe to use them again.
  • Use plastic trash bags. In the meantime, please use plastic trash bags with a drawstring. We can supply if you need them.
  • Count items in bag and add sticker. Customer is to count items and place in bag themselves. We will supply stickers to be placed on the outside which will identify customer and where you can mark piece count and comments. Feel free to continue to use our Valet Delivery form and place inside bag. Please tie draw string securely as our drivers are not to have any contact with your items.
  • Arrival protocol. Keep 6-foot distance. Driver and client or their staff are to avoid any contact and maintain a 6 feet distance. When driver arrives, they will knock or ring and then withdraw from the entrance. Customer can leave bags at the entrance and withdraw so driver can retrieve bags. Best if all interaction is to take place without entering the home.
  • 24-Hour Bag Quarantine and 1 week turnaround minimum. We will be quarantining these bags for 24 hours prior to opening. At this time, we cannot process rush orders and all items will be a minimum 1 week turn around.
  • If someone in your family/staff has coronavirus, let us know. If customer, their family, or their staff has the virus, or possibly has the virus, we need to know this so we can take extra precautions. Please let us know that prior to our arrival. In that case we will need to quarantine bags for 5 days so turnaround time will be 2 weeks.
  • Separate high-risk items from others. The highest risk items are sheets, bedding, and undergarments and should be handled accordingly.

We realize these steps are inconvenient but necessary for the safety of all concerned. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us to discuss. We appreciate your understanding and your business. Stay safe and remember, we are here to help you, your family and staff stay healthy.


Scott Horst
Vice President

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Households and Linen Care

Households and Linen Care

Frequently, household and fine linens items are considered family treasures. Many use materials that are neither preshrunk nor colorfast and careful attention to cleaning is critical.

Safely cleaning such items requires patience, testing and experience. Our Heritage Household Service is perfect for those precious items that need extra care.

Trust Margaret’s with your draperies, comforters, slip covers, and fine table linens. Our experienced take-down and re-hang service makes freshening your draperies a pleasure.

Drapery Cleaning by Margaret's Cleaners

A recent addition to our Heritage Household Service is OnSite cleaning, now available for furniture and affixed window treatments.

Call us today to see how we can help keep your home fabrics looking clean and bright. (858) 454-2375.