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Restoration for Smoke, Odor, Water, and Mold Damage

Restoration for Smoke, Odor, Water, and Mold Damage

Smoke and odor restoration and mold remediation of couture garments and household goods are a Margaret’s specialty.

Not all restoration jobs are the same: garment damage that occurs during and after a fire, for example, requires a wide variety of expertise along with a diverse range of technologies and equipment.

The type of treatment best suited for any single garment is influenced by many factors, including the temperature of the fire, the presence of food, plastic and chemical odors, and the amount of moisture exposure.

Margaret’s has the nation’s broadest spectrum of cleaning and remediation technologies, along with specialized experts on staff who know what’s needed to assure the best possible results for fine textiles of all types, including leather and suede, window treatments, handbags, shoes, and all fine clothing, accessories. We’ve even restored a little girl’s favorite Cabbage Patch doll, vintage doll collections and sports memorabilia.

Restoration by Margaret's the Couture Cleaner

For more information, contact our restoration department at (858) 429-7208 or email restoration manager, Jim Johnson at JimJ@margarets.com.