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Households and Linen Care

Households and Linen Care

Frequently, household and fine linens items are considered family treasures. Many use materials that are neither preshrunk nor colorfast and careful attention to cleaning is critical.

Safely cleaning such items requires patience, testing and experience. Our Heritage Household Service is perfect for those precious items that need extra care.

Trust Margaret’s with your draperies, comforters, slip covers, and fine table linens. Our experienced take-down and re-hang service makes freshening your draperies a pleasure.

Drapery Cleaning by Margaret's Cleaners

A recent addition to our Heritage Household Service is OnSite cleaning, now available for furniture and affixed window treatments.

Call us today to see how we can help keep your home fabrics looking clean and bright. (858) 454-2375.


Are Your Sweaters Ready for Sweater Season?

Are Your Sweaters Ready for Sweater Season?

Clothes need to breath, especially knits and leathers. Avoid overcrowding your closets. Crowded closets with minimal airflow and dark spaces can promote mildew growth and create nesting places for insect larvae to feed on fabric. Worn and stained clothing provide a homing signal for insects. Consider donating, reselling or utilizing off-site storage such as Garde Robe, to free up space in your closet, as discussed in the “Long-Term Storage” section in this newsletter.

It is doubly important that items be stain-free before returning them to the closet. Recent or fresh stains may be easy to remove, however soiled items returned to the closet may not be discovered for months. This makes stain removal difficult and sometimes impossible. Carefully inspect the item for soil in good lighting before storing. Be sure to have stained garments cleaned before returning them to the closet.

Hang all recently worn items to dry before placing them back into your closet. Fabrics retain moisture and it may take a day or two for them to dry to the relative humidity in the house. Leather and suede garments can retain excessive amounts of moisture and can take up to three days to dry out. However, do not accelerate the drying process with a hairdryer or by placing in a dryer. Let the garment give up its moisture naturally. Do not expose items to direct sunlight as excessive exposure to UV light can be detrimental to the garment as well.

Fold and shelve knits to help them keep their shape. This is particularly important for seasonal and long-term storage. Knits hung under their own weight suffer from the unequal distribution of support by hangers. This can cause distortion and result in a garment that no longer retains its original fit.

We recommend the breathable sweater bag (pictured), first introduced to the dry cleaning industry by Margaret’s Cleaners. This unique invention provides a breathable environment for knits and also creates a barrier to prevent insect damage. The bag has a window for quick identification of the garment.

Use the proper hanger for knits that are hung for short-term storage. A padded or broad shoulder hanger will prevent the telltale “rabbit’s ear” signature of a wire hanger. Clip hangers for skirts provide better support than safety pins. Folding a long dress at the waist over a suit strut hanger may be easier on the knit than hanging from the shoulder.

Sweater bags by Margaret's CleanersNever store clothing in plastic bags. The poly bags from the dry cleaner are great for packing in wardrobe bags for travel and the vinyl zip-up bags from department stores are convenient for travel. However, neither provide breathability, and plastics can outgas, resulting in fume fading or yellowing of the garment. Store all your finest garments in zip or snap-closure breathable bags. A variety of bags perfectly suited for storage is available from Margaret’s Boutique Wardrobe Products. The ideal storage bag is breathable, has no digestible protein for insect consumption, has a zipper or snap closure, and a transparent window, so that the contents can be seen without opening the bag. As previously discussed in the “Wearing” section of this newsletter, be absolutely sure leather and suede items are completely dry before placing them in the closet for seasonal or long-term storage.

For more information and tips on sweater and knit care, download our free “Guide to Knit Care.”

Enter To Win a Free Gown Preservation

Enter To Win a Free Gown Preservation

Still thinking about preserving your wedding gown? Enter Exquisite Weddings Magazine’s drawing for a free Margaret’s Couture Bridal Gown Care Legacy Wedding Gown Preservation worth up to $1000. Click the link for details. Contest closes November 3. Take action, do it now. May you be the lucky winner!

“Amazing Cleaning and Restoration for our Family Wedding Gown! Dress was first worn 1957 then 1983, and 1986! Dress was restored and the service and skill of Margaret’s was impeccable! Worth every penny!” Elizabeth Pretto Kerekes (www.weddingwire.com)

Learn more about Margaret’s Couture bridal gown services including alterations, cleaning, pressing and preservation.

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Caring for Clothing and the Earth

Caring for Clothing and the Earth

Margaret’s the Couture Cleaner stands atop the list of environmentally-conscious dry cleaning operations. We are proud of our GREENEARTH CLEANING SYSTEM that makes available to all our customers one of the most current and innovative “eco-friendly” systems.

The GreenEarth Cleaning System is safe for people and our planet, delicate fabrics and trims, fragile lace, sequins and silk.

Margaret's Cleaners GreenEarth machine

The chemically inert solution can clean without bleaching or shrinkage, is odorless, non-allergenic and non-irritating.

In an industry which is too often associated with negative environmental issues, you can count on Margaret’s to meticulously and carefully clean your treasured garments and uphold the utmost environmental responsibility.

You and your clothing and the earth are important to us.

To learn more about GreenEarth Cleaning, visit their website at https://www.greenearthcleaning.com.



Trust: Caring For Couture (Video)

Trust: Caring For Couture (Video)

To watch video, click here.

A wedding dress isn’t just a dress…your favorite shoes aren’t just something you throw on. The designer handbag…those tailored suits…or your grandmother’s vintage gown…these things are more than what they seem…they’re more than just material and thread. Often they come with a story…they say something about a person…they say something about our clients. Like most things that we love, we want them to last. We want them to be as sharp and beautiful as the day we bought them.

Couture and high-end fashion needs and deserves to be cared for in the same manner they were created. It’s a craft and art and, most importantly, a passion, because every stitch, button and crease, must be tended to with expertise by people meticulous in nature…artisans with a trained eye and experienced hands.

From the simple precision of a needle and thread, to understanding materials and how they react to wear, and stains and temperature…everything taken into consideration and nothing overlooked. For decades fine luxury high-end retailers have relied on us for those very things.

At Margaret’s, our patented technology, proprietary processes and blend of art and science under one roof, ensures that the things our customers hold dear are cared for through every step to the final delivery. Caring for Couture is about trust…trust that your things are in the hands of someone who understands the importance of what that handbag…or those shoes…or that dress….mean to you.

To watch video, click here.