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We know how much you invested in your favorite purse or handbag. Margaret’s has created the tooling, techniques and procedures needed to clean, maintain and even restore its original appearance.

Professional purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand and requires a great deal of skill and experience. Unlike garments, purses do not contain a “tag” that tells you what materials it’s made of, whether they’re color fast, or what type of cleaning they require.

Cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction, materials, and type and extent of the soil. Your handbag cleaning specialist must know how to deal with a huge variety of fabrics, leathers, and suedes.

When a handbag is constructed of multiple materials, such as fabric and leather, cleaning techniques are even more challenging. On top of that, multiple types of stains also add to the challenge. A typical shoe repair company or dry cleaner is not equipped to address the varied materials and soil found on most purses. Margaret’s master handbag restoration experts are and we look forward to bringing your handbags back to life–for life.

We have five locations in Southern California ready to serve you — San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills, as well as our efficient and international CleanByMail service.