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Expert advice from Margaret’s Cleaner’s Team for garment care, handbag and leather cleaning, bridal preservation, answers to customer questions, and before-and-after photos and stories of the clothing and home textiles that Margaret’s the Couture Cleaner brings back to life.

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Caring for Clothing and the Earth

Caring for Clothing and the Earth

Margaret's the Couture Cleaner stands atop the list of environmentally-conscious dry cleaning operations. We are proud of our GREENEARTH CLEANING SYSTEM that makes available to all our customers one of the most current and innovative "eco-friendly" systems. The...

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What is Haute Couture, Really?

What is Haute Couture, Really?

The dictionary defines haute as the French word for "fashionable" or "high class." Couture is "the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women's clothing." A quick look on Wikipedia tells us that haute couture "is made to order [clothing]...

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